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Archie Comics

I'm not a big Archie fan myself, so this collection seems as good a place as any to start to me, but if you have a better suggestion please join the conversation.

I do know that the series was rebooted. Although, if you ever need to fake your way through a conversation about comics a good starting point is "well what did you think of the latest reboot?" So, knowing that there was a reboot doesn't mean much in itself, but the reason I know there was a reboot is because my current all time favoritest comic book writer, Ryan North, was writing on the rebooted Jughead for a little while. I haven't read them yet, but I cannot recommend highly enough Ryan's work on The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. I could gush for days, as evidenced by the fact that I really didn't need to go down this tangent at all. Do yourself a favor and get started at the beginning.

Jughead Vol. 2
By Chip Zdarsky, Ryan North
The Complete Carl Barks Disney Library by Carl Barks

Carl Barks is a legend in the history of Disney and of comic books. As Michial mentioned, he's particularly beloved in Northern Europe. For example, The Carl Barks Collection, is what looks to be a gorgeous academic set of his works, that was only published in Norway, Denmark, Germany, Finland, and Sweden. Too bad I only read English! 

Thankfully, if you are an English reader like me there is Fantagraphics. They are putting out the complete Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck works that were written and illustrated by Barks - although they are not releasing them in chronological order, which is a little confusing. Also, no commentary as far as I can tell.

And, in great news for me, they are now being released through kindle and comixology, so mea-culpa. Last I checked that wasn't true, but I'm happy to be wrong on that one.