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The Disney Afternoon
This block of syndicated programming, which aired nationwide and in countries across the world, became the touchstone of an entire generation of kids. So entrenched are these adventures in the collective subconscious that today you could approach most people ages 20 to 30-something and—even if they’re not a huge Disney fan—find they can instantly summon up a trademark DuckTales “woo-hoo!”
— Brittany Bell

That ‘91-’92 two hour block of afternoon television: Ducktails, Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers, TailSpin, and Darkwing Duck, may have been the peak of civilization. History will be the judge, I guess.

Nostalgia junkies click here for historic details, theme songs, ring tones, tee-shirts.

The 1986 Disney DTV Valentine
Recorded Feb. 14, 1986 in all its grainy ELP VHS glory.

Michial and I sometimes talk about parts of the movies that were cut up and repackaged. This was one such package that I watched regularly.

So far the memories from this special that we mentioned in the show have included:

  • The twitterpated scene from Bambi cut to Stevie Wonder's I Just Called To Say I Love You. (Although I think I was conflating it in my mind with the Lionel Richie's Hello which is a little later in the program)

  • The animation from All The Cats Join In with the music replaced by Stray Cats' Rock This Town.

  • Ludwig Von Drake hosts

Hat tip to my mom for finding this on YouTube.