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Around The Network: Sectarian Review, Episode #50: The Wolf Man

As part of the annual Christian Humanist Network Massive Crossover 2017 discussing the Universal Monster Movies, Michial went over and guested on The Sectarian Review.

Take a deep dive into the film’s story, background, and subtexts. Freud, Feminism, Class Struggle and more. Also, the team tackle questions about the film from listeners via Twitter. Plus, Danny makes an impassioned defense of the 2010 remake of the film.

Show Notes

Podcast Recommendation: Sticky Notes

For more on appreciating classical music, Michial and I recommend this podcast, Sticky Notes. Here’s an episode on Joseph Haydn and particularly the comedy of his pieces (although oddly he left out the bassoon fart)

He also has some more episodes that would be of particular interest to Fantasia lovers:

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